What Makes You Shine Brighter?

This is the first week of summer. Well, on paper. In Northern California the sun has been as bright as ever.

But being it is the first week of summer in the calendar, I have been reflecting on the feeling of inward sunshine and well being.

Summer is more than barbeques and playlists.

Summer is a time to invest in your well being, a time to shine brighter.

In all my to do lists and calendars I have a color labeled as “wellness”. These are things that for me, align my inner being so my outward energy also flows. This includes exercising, reading my bible or a novel, and writing.

It is not completed daily, but I am getting stronger as I move the muscle that is intention. Being cognizant of these matters and intentionally placing them in my days.

So I challenge you to reflect on different aspects that make you shine brighter. Write down a list of, when completed, you feel energized and entirely yourself. Whether it is being mindful and understanding them or beginning to practice them daily, it is important to know and love what makes you shine brighter.



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Lisa Gachara

Lisa Gachara

Global health student and storyteller. I hope to challenge mindset & provide understanding for global health issues and personal success alike. lisagachara.com