Reassess & Refocus this 1st of the Month

Although there are 5 months left in the year, there is no bad time to reassess your goals and refocus your energy towards bringing them to fruition. I, for one, believe the beginning of the month is an excellent period to reset that process.

Today I sat down and created my very first vision board for July. I included financial goals, content actualizations, and even the covers of books I want to read this month. I believe there is great power in setting a constant reminder in what you’re working towards in front of you, and this vision board is now my desktop background.

As it is mid-year, it is easy to get caught up in the busyness of contemporary life and forget your desires from January 1st.

But it is important to constantly challenge your vision and assess your direction. Are you headed towards your intended destination? If not, refocus.

This can either take place on a physical or digital vision board, a list or any visual form of self reflection.

To visualize is to materialize, so hone in on the power of visualization and grasp what is yours.



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Lisa Gachara

Lisa Gachara

Global health student and storyteller. I hope to challenge mindset & provide understanding for global health issues and personal success alike.